ENZO Trading System

ENZO is a fully-autonomous Trading System built specifically for currencies. We utilize proprietary indicators and algorithms optimized by machine learning techniques.

A Complete System

It’s not enough to build a trading bot that connects and operates on an exchange. The bot must also operate with sound algorithms that reflect the current market. For this reason, much of our work is dedicated towards building a solid infrastructure that allows for accurate simulation and testing.

Our continuous-build infrastructure periodically gathers market data and utilizes such data for regression testing. Regression testing automatically keeps track of the performance of existing algorithms and allows us to decide if some models should be revised.

We utilize Machine Learning techniques both while developing a reference algorithm to simplify the selection of fundamental indicators and relative parameters, and at run-time, where the bot constantly runs several internal simulations of many possible outcomes and selects the best performers based on continuously runs simulations of many possible strategies and selects the one that is best suited for the current market.

Our run-time is built in C++ from the ground up. This, added to our experience with high-performance applications, means that we can have the best performance possible both in terms of connectivity and in terms of number crunching to be performed in real-time.

Live Performance

The Following is an example of automated trading report.
Notice that stats of trading reported below is performed on our test development account which is inherently high-risk. Performance may vary depending on the chosen mix of markets and management of assets which are up to the individual trader.
For more details, please check the reports page at newtypekk.com/enzoreports

Global Equity Curve
ETH Performance Curve


Q: What kind of profits do you estimate?
A: Profit can vary greatly depending on market movement and risk management strategies. We will soon publish results of our live testing to be used as a reference.

Q: What’s special about your system?
A: Our system is built on top of a strong R&D effort. We utilize various techniques of machine learning and we develop custom indicators with predictive capabilities that are not available elsewhere. Ultimately, the true difference of a trading system comes from the team behind it. There is no fixed final solution to make a profit in the markets, for this reason it’s important to have an active team capable to adapt and react to ever changing markets.

Q: What about other commercial and free bots for crypto?
A: Popular existing bots available for cryptocurrency are more like an execution tool to assist a human trader.
A simple bot requires the user to periodically analyze the market and choose and configure a strategy and he or she thinks may be a winning one.
Our system instead is the reflection of the strategies that we develop and improve through extensive research and testing. Additionally, we implement machine learning techniques to both create new algorithms and adapt those algorithms in real-time, by constantly analyzing the market as it goes.

Q: How can I be involved?
A: This project was created for our own private use. At this stage however we’re willing to license out the system as a way to help funding the development. If you would like to license the system, please get in touch with us. Early adopters will receive major discounts. Number of licenses will also be limited for practical reasons.

Q: Can’t you simply trade on my behalf?
A: We’re currently considering a few options on how to make this possible. If you’re interested, please contact us.