NEWTYPE is a software technology developer and media translation services company, founded in 2010.
We are located in the Shibuya district of Tokyo.

Technology Development

Mobile Gaming

We’ve been developing and self-publishing mobile titles under the label OYK Games since 2010.
Since 2015, we’ve been focusing on VR with our popular arcade flight combat title Fractal Combat X.

XPSVR (F-35 simulation)

XPSVR is a prototype for flight combat simulation, focused on the F-35 Lightining II jet fighter. Our main target is Windows PC hardware with Virtual Reality headsets. VR gives us the ability to simulate HMD (Head Mounted Display) technology, without additional hardware.

XPSVR is not a customization module for an existing software. It’s an entirely new software built from the ground up.
We don’t rely on any commercial engine. We develop in-house technology for maximum performance, flexibility and dependability.

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Image of our own reproduction of the F-35‘s avionics.

ENZO Trading System

We’re currently developing a complete trading system for algorithmic trading. Our solution is built on custom trading indicators and is able to operate autonomously thanks to adaptive techniques based on concepts of machine learning.

The complete system includes a back-end for continuous integration and testing and a trading bot, written in C++ for maximum performance.

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ENZO Trading System


We are specialized in anime and manga translations from Japanese to Italian language. Our clients include Panini Comics and Square Enix, for which we’ve translated titles such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, and Black Lagoon.

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